Read each question, and choose the best answer.

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1) What is your favorite book:
Huckleberry Finn.
Pride and Prejudice.
A Brief History of Time.
How to Win Friends and Influence People.
I'm a sucker for a good romance.

2) What is your favorite food:
Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Roasted Chicken.
Corn on the cob.
I'm not much of a foodie.
I love fruit, any kind of fruit.

3) For your first career, you would more likely be:
A pilot.
A philosopher or theologian.
A scientist.
A mechanic.
My job isn't important; I care about my family life.

4) Your idea of the perfect date:
A good listener, someone who pays attention.
A good cook to feed you delicious morsels.
You're just happy to HAVE a date.
A deep talk with an equal, someone to spar with.
With someone who appreciates my mind more than my body.

5) You are alone in a dark alley and there is the shadowy shape of a man up ahead. You:
Go another way and make sure he doesn't see you.
Hide and observe.
Try to win him over.
Keep walking, but be ready for a fight.
You're not worried because you always have a weapon handy.

6) Someone does you a great wrong, you:
Quietly resent them until you can set things right.
Get your revenge anyway you can.
To be honest, you might say a few nasty things behind his/her back.
Do your best to communicate clearly, and hope for the best.
Avoid them and care for yourself in private.

7) Finish this sentence: Politics is...
...fascinating. I would like to one day run for office.
...full of liars, fakes, and morons.
...a necessary evil.
...interesting; I'd like to work behind the scenes for a candidate and help with strategy.
...upsetting. I'm more likely to be a protester than a politician.

8) In a fight, your greatest asset is:
Your ability to take a punch and throw it back.
Your sharp wit. No one can make a fool of you.
Strategy. You are a master of setting a trap and catching your quarry.
Your ability to see the argument from the other person's side, and find a middle ground.
I tend to avoid fights as much as I can.

9) The most important thing to have in life is:

10) Your greatest flaw:
You are shy, and sometimes people count you out because of it.
You might tell a lie to protect yourself, but you're not proud of it.
If pushed too far, you might resort to underhanded violence.
You can be a little cowardly at times.
You hold a grudge—forever.